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Casa Capri

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Splendid and luminous apartment situated in a quiet location, at a short distance from the famous Piazzetta of Capri. From the apartment you will enjoy a spectacular view of the sea. Casa Capri is 80 square meters (860 square feet). It features a panoramic private terrace with a view of the sea. You will be in a pedestrian precinct, in the heart of Capri, where you will find restaurants, shops, public transportation and the tourist port. You will reach the apartment going up a public walkway that includes approximately 160 stairway steps. You will not need a car to stay at Casa Capri (and nonresident's cars are generally not allowed). Casa Capri overlooks the so-called "red house" where the beginning of the '900 stayed the founder of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin, as guest of the writer Maxim Gorky (father of realism) who already staying in Capri, remaining until 1913, along with his partner, actress Maria Fedorovna Gelabuskaija. Gorky had met Lenin in November 1905 in Petersburg, in the preparation of the Bolshevik newspaper Novaya Zhizn ', and had supported Lenin in 1907, in London, at the V Congress of the Bolshevik Party and, when, shortly after, tsarism restores full autocracy dissolving the Duma as the governing body and Lenin was forced to move away from Russia in exile, Capri welcomed him allowing him to remain in a long stay who shared with the writer until 1908.